About this blog

In late 2009, after a hiatus of some 15 years, and at the subtle urging of my Significant/Beloved Other, AnnMaree, I decided it was time to grow some of my own vegetables again.

I’ve lived here in Greenslopes for 13 years now, since late 1996, and yet somehow this is the very first vegetable garden I’ve established here in all that time. (AnnMaree is not a gardener at all, I might add, hence the lack of encouragement up till now.)

Weird. Okay, I’ll admit, I can be a slow developer.

The last time I planted veges, I was living in a converted garage out the back of my parents’ place. They had 3 acres of land down Lindum way, towards Brisbane’s bayside, so there was plenty of room to plant fruit trees and then build garden beds around them.

Today, here on a 16 perch block in suburban Greenslopes, we don’t have quite as much space to play with. But that’s actually a good thing – it means I won’t get too overly grandiose with my ideas!

Anyway, this blog is meant to be a couple of things:

  • a record of my gardening endeavours – the laughs and the groans, the highs and lows, hopefully with many more of the former than the latter;
  • a place to record and make freely available any advice I think might be useful for others trying to garden in our sun-drenched and often pitiless subtropical environment.

I hope that anybody reading it gets some value out of it. I’ll do my best to put as much prosaic, practical information in here as I can, but hopefully not totally at the expense of an occasional entertaining read. And I’ll particularly endeavour to keep it up to date.

For those of a more visual turn of mind, I plan (hope?) to take plenty of photographs as I work in the garden. Some will appear as illustrations in blog posts here. All of them will be made available through my GardenerScampus Flickr account at http://www.flickr.com/photos/44405307@N02/.

So, to all those poor, benighted officers in the Order of the Green Thumb out there – please enjoy.



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