Back from WA

Yes,  I know it’s been quite a while between posts. The reason I can do it at the moment is fairly easy to explain: I’m on vacation. By the time I get home on normal work days, I don’t seem to have the energy to devote to such things as composing prose, deathless or otherwise. So I have to make the most of these lovely holidays and do some catching up online.

Albany Windfarm

We’re just back from a superb couple of weeks in southwestern Western Australia. We did a big triangle, from Fremantle/Perth down to Albany, then west through Pemberton to Margaret River (our longest stay at 5 nights) before finishing with a couple of nights in the Swan Valley. Apart from Margaret River the place is very dry – they had something of a drought this past winter (being a Mediterranean climate, that’s when they normally get their rain). But to make up for the brown countryside, the wine and food were good, the accommodation ranged from okay to fantastic, and the scenery along the various coasts was brilliant.


The plan is to put a selection of the almost 900 photos I took during the trip up on Facebook and perhaps on Flickr. I also took a few videos, e.g. of the Karri forests between Albany and Margaret River, some of which may find their way on to YouTube with a bit of luck.

Tomorrow I’ll be putting up information about our late Spring plantings, which we’ve done over the past couple of days. Tonight will be taken up with Tiger Trivia at Carina Leagues Club – the first time we’ll have been there in a month. It’ll be good to catch up with Bernie, Shane, Eileen, Trish, Tracey, Jackie…


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