First cucumbers

Closeup of a young cucumber and flower

Closeup of a young cucumber and flower

I happened to be down talking to my neighbour, Helena, this morning when she mentioned that the cucumbers were starting to appear on my plants.

Huh? I responded. Are you sure?

Oh yes, said Helena (who ought to know, having been growing vegetables for some time in her various gardens).

So I went and had a look, and lo and behold, they are indeed!

The monster cucumber

The monster cucumber, tucked away under the foliage

There are perhaps a half dozen small ones coming off the main stems, each with a small yellow flower at its tip. And at first I thought that was all that had happened.

Then I spied it.

A monster, on the middle plant, which has been happily and quietly growing up the trellis right from the start, unlike its two mates. The cuke in question is already about 6 cm long and fleshy – far advanced over the others. I suspect, given the shrivelled nature of its flower, it’s almost ready to pick.

Most impressive. The first fruits of my labours!

Kinda nice of Helena to show me that.


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