Sweet corn down!

The weekend just past, apart from its oppressive heat and humidity (welcome back, Brisbane summer…), was also fairly windy. I’d been noticing since Saturday morning, maybe even since Friday evening, that a couple of the sweet corn plants were not quite upright, and were leaning at slight angles as the breeze pushed them around a bit.

When I watered the garden this afternoon, one of the affected plants actually gave up the ghost under the fairly gentle onslaught and keeled over altogether, while the angle of the other one increased to a dangerous level.

Fortunately there’s plenty of spare soil in the garden bed, along the southern side of the trellises where there’s a gap between them and the non-trellised plants. I just excavated a bit of the dirt, mounded it up around the base of the 2 plants, and firmed it down to give them the added support they obviously needed.

GardenerScampus Tip: Keep a regular eye on your plants in their early days (if not all the time) and shore them up if and when it’s needed. Otherwise you may look out and find your vegetables are lying down on the job, possibly for so long that it’s too late to remedy the situation.


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