Progress report – end of Week 2

There’s a beautiful, cloud-free day outside my window. We’re expecting a maximum of 32°  Celsius today, same as what we got yesterday. And of course the humidity has zoomed up again, as it always is in our subtropical summers.

It’s 17 or 18 days since I put the first crop in and there’s not terribly much to report for the past week. I’m happy to say that all plants have survived so far, and most of them seem to be thriving, in both garden beds. I’ve done my best to keep the water up to them, especially in the past few days as summer finally arrives in our neck of the woods.


A couple of the climbing beans, the one at each end of the line, are a bit puny, although in their defence they broke ground several days after the middle four. Hopefully it won’t disadvantage them too much in the race to claim trellis space, which by the looks of it will start soon.


Two of the 3 Lebanese cucumbers in the main bed have already started to sprawl along the ground – unfortunately, in the direction away from their trellis. Time to tie them up.

A search of the house yesterday afternoon revealed that we don’t in fact own a ball of spring, and there are no old stockings to be had for love or money around here – the Other Half obviously tosses them out when finished with them.

Some time today, in between lawn edging and mowing duties, I’ll be shooting off to the nearest hardware to see what’s available.

Sweet corn

Yesterday I also bit the bullet and cut out the three superfluous sweet corn plants. When I originally planted the seedlings, three of them were in fact double seedlings, i.e. two seeds had germinated in those compartments in the punnet. Lazily I chose to simply plant the lot as they were, rather than separating out the extras. Fool – had I done so I could have planted the extras in all that spare space in The Annexe and now be looking forward to at least 3 extra cobs in a couple of months. Something to remember for next spring.

Tip: It also occurs to me that when you grow your veges from seedlings, you can’t stagger their planting in order to get successive crops, can you? You can really only do that with seed. Something to keep in mind for the future.


Still no sign of pest attack, though I guess the plants are all far too small as yet. And my intricately laid, protective pattern of old pavers seems to have kept the cats out – no Dead or Mutation Zones in there as yet (as there have been in the lawn at various times).


This morning as I was tossing a coffee bag (yes, I use them occasionally instead of tea bags in the mornings – they’re a mixture of grounds and instant and taste pretty good these days) into the kitchen bin I looked at all the food scraps in there and thought, this is such a waste (no pun intended). Gotta set me up a compost bin. So that’s likely to be the next semi-major garden project. “HA”, our lower side neighbour, uses a standard plastic rubbish bin with a fitted wooden lid, made by her builder husband “AA”. I don’t have the advantage of being able to call on AA’s skills so I’m going to look around and see what’s available – maybe when I go looking for that ball or string today.

Hmm. You know, I thought, when I sat down to pen this post, it wouldn’t last more than a short paragraph or two. I guess that the world of print is where I can take the opportunity to be a wee bit more verbose, unlike the realm of speech.


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